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Google Ads for a Cookware Brand


Our client is a large direct-to-consumer cookware brand that offers high-quality, affordable cookware sets, bakeware, and kitchen accessories. They sell their products exclusively through their website and wanted to increase their sales and revenue through online advertising.


We started by launching a targeted Google Ads campaign that focused on relevant keywords related to cooking, baking, and kitchenware. We also created several ad groups and optimized them for maximum relevance and click-through rate. In addition, we ran ad copy A/B tests to improve ad engagement.

For the ad campaigns, we focused on product listing ads (PLAs), which allowed us to showcase our client’s products with images and prices directly in the search results. We also used remarketing ads to retarget people who visited the client’s website but didn’t make a purchase.


Our efforts delivered impressive results for our client. Our Google Ads campaign drove a 4.5x return on ad spend (ROAS), generating $450,000 in revenue with a monthly ad spend of $100,000.

Furthermore, we achieved a significant increase in sales volume, which led to a 30% month-over-month growth in revenue. Our client also saw an increase in website traffic and an improved conversion rate, which was achieved through consistent optimization of the campaign and ad copy.


Our Google Ads campaign was successful in driving sales and revenue for our client’s business. By using targeted ads, we were able to generate a high return on ad spend and increase sales volume. The consistent optimization of our campaigns and ad copy allowed us to continue improving our results and provide our client with a solid return on investment.

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