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Google Ads for a Moving Company

In this case study, we worked with a moving company based in Los Angeles, CA, focusing on long-distance moving services between 4 intersecting states. The company’s average service fee is $1,500, and our goal was to generate 15 quality leads at a cost not exceeding $105.

After analyzing the situation, we decided to concentrate solely on long-distance moving services because the cost per click for local moving services was not significantly different from long-distance services.

We created all possible combinations of relevant keywords for the cities the company operates in and utilized the Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) approach. We adjusted the bidding strategy based on the distance of the city from Los Angeles, with lower bids for closer cities. We also implemented call tracking and launched Google Ads campaigns.

As a result, we successfully generated 15 high-quality leads within the target cost, and the company’s revenue increased by 20%. Our Google Ads campaign achieved a 10% conversion rate and a 30% decrease in cost per conversion compared to the previous campaign. Additionally, we increased the website’s click-through rate by 25% and decreased the cost per click by 35%.

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