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Google Ads for a Personal Injury Attorney in NYC

We partnered with a prominent attorney in New York City to improve their PPC marketing efforts. The attorney faced fierce competition for keywords and needed to generate more qualified leads for their practice.

To address these challenges, we conducted a comprehensive audit of their existing account structure and performed thorough keyword research and analysis. Based on our findings, we developed a customized PPC strategy that included targeted ad copy, landing pages, and bidding strategies, all geared towards driving qualified traffic to their site.

We focused on creating ad campaigns that targeted high-intent search terms specific to the attorney’s practice areas. Additionally, we employed granular negative keyword sets to ensure that their ads were only displayed to highly qualified searchers. By doing so, we improved the overall relevance of their campaigns, which resulted in a reduction in cost per click and improved conversion rates.

We also implemented automated bidding strategies, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to maximize conversions and lower the cost per lead. Our approach to bidding was tailored to the unique characteristics of the New York City market, allowing us to outcompete other law firms and generate more qualified leads for our client.

In a 6-month period, our PPC campaigns generated a 250% increase in conversions for the attorney, with a 45% reduction in cost per lead. Moreover, we achieved these results while maintaining a consistent ad spend, which translated into a significant increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) for the attorney.

By utilizing the latest PPC technologies and strategies, we were able to help the attorney achieve their goals and substantially grow their business. Our success with this campaign is a testament to our team’s expertise and ability to deliver results for our clients.

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