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Google Ads for a Personal Injury Law Firm in Pennsylvania

5X Growth worked with a prestigious law firm in Pennsylvania that was facing several challenges in their PPC marketing efforts. The competition for keywords was extremely fierce, as every law firm in a given area was bidding on the same search terms for highly valuable cases. This resulted in expensive keywords, with some firms spending $50,000 to $100,000+ per month on Google and Facebook Ads.

Additionally, the law firm had the added challenge of targeting multiple markets across the country as a national firm. Attracting qualified searchers was difficult, especially with Google’s limited demographic targeting capabilities. Without comprehensive keyword, ad copy, landing page, and bidding strategies, many firms end up wasting clicks and experiencing an inadequate return on investment (ROI).

Despite these challenges, the law firm knew that PPC would be a critical channel for growing their business. However, they were worried that without a more cost-effective Google Ads strategy, PPC marketing would quickly become unsustainable for their firm. That’s when they turned to 5X Growth for help.

After conducting an audit of the existing account structure and doing exhaustive keyword research and analysis, 5X Growth identified a three-pronged approach to drive qualified leads to the law firm’s site. The first step involved using in-market audiences to connect with prospects who were actively in the market for their services across the Google Display Network.

The second step was creating a stronger negative keyword set to tell Google which keyword phrases their ads should not be showing for. This would enable the law firm to save vast amounts of money by no longer paying for unqualified leads or users whose needs did not align with their practice areas and expertise.

These two steps helped generate enough conversions to enable automated bidding. Once automated bidding was enabled, 5X Growth implemented a “maximize conversions” strategy to drive more conversions at a lower price. By strategically testing this strategy on one campaign at a time, the overall cost per lead was drastically reduced.

In a 12-month time frame, the PPC campaign delivered results well beyond the law firm’s goals. Since implementing 5X Growth’s recommendations, the firm’s Google AdWords campaigns have generated 500% more conversions, with a reduced cost per lead down a whopping 65%. These two metrics alone are impressive, but it’s worth noting that the law firm achieved these significant increases in leads while spending 5% less.

By leveraging real-time data and a strategic keyword campaign, 5X Growth was able to block out dead-end leads that were wasting money and resources while effectively capturing leads for the right people at the precise moment they needed legal services. The law firm’s decision to partner with 5X Growth paid off in a big way, and they continue to see impressive results from their PPC campaigns.

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