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Our clients and customers are like family. Our #1 goal is to help your business succeed, which is why we offer comprehensive help not only for getting your online business setup but for all those tough questions you might run into along the way.

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Our team was looking for experienced SaaS marketing agency who can help us grow utilizing paid channels. Meeting 5X growth was one of our enlightening moments. They truly helped us structure our overall Paid Acquisition strategy and regularly advise us on a day-to-day basis with any dilemmas we might have. In this time of friction, having a direct relationship with experienced agency is an extremely valuable resource.

They make our decision-making process faster, understand all our problems and take steps to get real results.

Working with the 5X Growth team has been an overall great experience. They immediately understood our niche and adapted to our industry needs.

I was especially impressed when they developed a model to fully understand how to increase our conversions with the help of Google Analytics. They are true partners that I can trust and recommend to others too

Anyone who worked with this team knows that there is an entire customer relationship involved. The whole experience includes everything from the quality of the ads management to the priority support, even on holidays.

That’s why I can’t say enough about Karl’s care for his clients.

Just when you think you hired “just another agency”, here you get an amazing Facebook Ads managers who really knows their stuff but actually take time to write back and see how they can help!

Karl is a great combination of technical ads expert and compassionate/helpful person! And I experience both every time I him. Thank you, Karl!

Karl’s a talented guy who had excellent insights into how to market our CRM on Latin American market. Some fantastic stuff came out of it. He also has an unbelievable work rate. He completed the whole Google and Facebook Ads audit in 18 hours. Performed a cohort analysis, identified things to improve, trained our in-house junior PPC manager. Made changes and got a 25% decrease in CPA on Google Ads. I don’t know how he fits it all in. Best of all, he is exceptionally easy to work with and has an excellent sense of humor.

Karl has a deep understanding of best practice techniques in Digital Marketing for software businesses. As an expert in marketing and SaaS he has a strong appreciation of the nuances and challenges in successful branding, paid social media, sponsored search. He is particularly adept at choosing the most appropriate strategy for the particular application

5X Growth has been managing our Google Ads account for about six months. Our company is a B2B SaaS booking tool for travel agencies. They manage an ad spend in multiple languages of $120,000 per month, even though we started with $30,000. The difference between their results in what was delivered by the agency before them is like night and day. They have volunteered to help at no charge with several other projects, including managing website improvements and reviewing the strategy for our video ads. I highly recommend this agency.

When looking for marketing help for our B2B SaaS-based company, we sought an agency with a proven process. We felt we needed a marketing agency that had been there and done that, particularly in the context of software
Without 5X Growth, there no doubt would have been blind spots that we missed. We came to a much better understanding of the users’ pains, our claims, and their gains. It would have taken longer to get our marketing strategy ironed out. With 5X Growth, we got it done faster and with fewer slips and trips than had we not engaged with them. We had clarity, focus, and confidence when we were done working on the marketing project.

Karl was the resident media buyer for my agency for two years, and he proved himself as an insightful and adept marketing mind, helping me grow my business and create successful media campaigns.

Karl was tasked with handling Google Ads for Roofing companies, developing and implementing media campaigns for law firms and e-commerce brands, conducting market research and analysis, and other marketing-related duties. He had a good deal of autonomy and used it to implement creative and innovative media campaigns, along with deftly handling media relations. Overall he did an excellent job.

Karl’s greatest strength was balancing the short-term and more detailed elements of media marketing with a longer-term vision. He’s intelligent, a very hard worker, and sets very high standards for himself. Because of his talent for successful PPC campaigns and the dedication and energy that he brought every day, I highly recommend him.

We realized you shouldn’t have to choose between hiring an in-house team and outsourcing our marketing, so we went with 5X Growth.  Our supplement company based in LA has been successfully operating for years, but during the last year our ROAS on Google Ads has dropped significantly. We were really considering two options: an in-house team or an agency. We interviewed a lot of people as well as with different marketing agencies

Before 5X Growth, we didn’t know that agencies could be so collaborative. We’re all on the same page, working towards the same vision. If I think of some new Performance max campaign, the 5X Growth team has often already started working on it because we are on the same wavelength. It felt like just a part of our team. It allowed us as a team to learn a lot, not from our own mistakes, but from people who have experience and take what we learn from them and eventually apply that to what we do internally

What he [Karl] and his team were able to do for our paid acquisition campaigns was incredible. He really felt like a partner and someone that cared about our business as much as we do. That’s the true benefit of working with 5X Growth’s fractional CMOs The core advantage of having a fractional CMO is that they have a lot of experience and they are more or less completely part of the team.

Managing ads for VR game where Steam Analytics has barely any reliable data  might sound impossible, but it seemed like a breeze to Karl. We worked closely together for three months to gain additions to the Wishlist on Steam , and I was constantly amazed not only by his technical PPC advertising skills, but also by his ability to keep the team motivated through the inevitable challenges and produce better creatives. I can honestly say I left every weekly status meeting he led in a better mood. For any company or team that needs a proven media buyer with a get-it-done-with-a-smile approach, Karl is your guy.

Karl is an accomplished marketing leader with vast knowledge and experience to develop the right strategy for success. Karl has a solid work ethic, is incredibly focused, highly strategic, consistently measures KPI’s and goes the extra mile. He has a strong client focus, is an excellent listener to his clients, is an amazing and reliable communicator, is highly organized, and has an efficient approach to delivering results quickly. Karl also has an incredibly smart work ethic. He gets things done at high speed with such focus I literally have no idea how he works that quickly and thoroughly to such an impeccably high standard. It’s been hugely valuable working with Karl, and I have learned so much very quickly.

Outsourcing was important for us to move faster on critical parts of our paid acquisition  strategy. It allows us to do so with confidence and efficiency. With no prior expertise in-house doing it by ourselves would have require more time with less chance of success.

Now we can focus on our strength and leverage 5X Growth expertise and experience

We’re a fast-moving startup with a growing marketing team. Using 5X Growth has enabled us to focus on creating new landing pages and articles, while the 5X Growth team takes care of paid acquisition that we don’t have the time to deal with in-house.

I love seeing the conversion rates go up, which gives our Paid channel a massive boost. Plus, their team is a delight to work with!

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