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We realized you shouldn’t have to choose between hiring an in-house team and outsourcing our marketing, so we went with 5X Growth.  Our supplement company based in LA has been successfully operating for years, but during the last year our ROAS on Google Ads has dropped significantly. We were really considering two options: an in-house team or an agency. We interviewed a lot of people as well as with different marketing agencies

Before 5X Growth, we didn’t know that agencies could be so collaborative. We’re all on the same page, working towards the same vision. If I think of some new Performance max campaign, the 5X Growth team has often already started working on it because we are on the same wavelength. It felt like just a part of our team. It allowed us as a team to learn a lot, not from our own mistakes, but from people who have experience and take what we learn from them and eventually apply that to what we do internally

What he [Karl] and his team were able to do for our paid acquisition campaigns was incredible. He really felt like a partner and someone that cared about our business as much as we do. That’s the true benefit of working with 5X Growth’s fractional CMOs The core advantage of having a fractional CMO is that they have a lot of experience and they are more or less completely part of the team.

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